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Master Gardener role

Master Gardener role

Master Gardeners share their food growing knowledge to help others grow their own.

Each one has different gardening experience, from a couple of years to many decades, but they’re all united by a passion to inspire others to have a go.

The Master Gardener role

Promote food growing to the wider community, eg through events, talks, articles, community groups, schools – and other innovative ways to bring people together.

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Regularly mentor 3 householders just beginning to grow their own food, offering seasonal advice for 12 months.

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Feedback hours, activities, successes and problems to their local volunteer co-ordinator and website. Volunteers have a two day foundation training course following by ongoing support and training.

We’re grateful for every volunteering moment helping people grow their own. We keenly celebrate achievements. Master Gardeners ‘graduate’ after 30 hours a year volunteering (about half a day a month). Most continue beyond!