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Growing and Reminiscence

Breckland Master Gardeners- care home visit

The great thing about the Master Gardener network is the wide range of people you can help and encourage to grow their own. Most of the Breckland Master Gardeners currently work with schools and families, but we had recently been invited to make a visit to a local care home.

Master Gardener Robert ran the session with seven of the residents, bringing with him some fantastic examples from his garden. First he showed them different types of herbs and wild flowers, with lots of different textures and smells. Lemongrass and basil were particularly popular.

The group then tasted some pea sprouts, prepared some cress seeds to grow on their window sills and Robert spent some time talking about growing. The group shared some really interesting stories of things they used to grow, or things they would like to be able to grow in their garden at the care home, something Robert is happy to help them with.

Breckland Master Gardeners- care home visit

We had a fantastic afternoon with the residents and the feedback from them has been great.

If you know of any similar groups that would benefit from similar sessions or talks, then get in touch with your local Co-ordinator.


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