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Goosegogs for free!

Goosegogs for free!

Too good to be true well let’s throw in redcurrants and blackcurrants, surely there must be a catch somewhere. Who was it that said there was nothing free in this life, and yes I suppose they were right, but here the only catch is a little work and someone else’s generosity in giving you the little snipping’s from an existing bush, so no money involved then, but does it count as free?

The work is hardly that difficult and after the initial planting they can be left alone, what could be better a one shot job with a year’s rest before anything else needs to be done. Now to business producing those free plants or should I give the game away and say cuttings.

The general rule is this year’s growth, usually lighter in colour, length 6-9 inches. Cut off the top bud, and below a bud at the base. For gooseberries and redcurrants remove all but the top three or four buds and either pot or plant directly into the ground (gritty free draining is good) but keep them in a shady area to allow the plant to develop without undue stress. The reason for removing the lower buds, and a good nail works wonders, is that they all have the potential to develop into branches and things would get rather over crowded otherwise.

Yes, I haven’t mentioned blackcurrants, and here because you are seeking renewal shoots from below, leave all the buds on. It goes without saying that in pots you must keep them moist to succeed, but let’s put this to advantage and see that the pots get buried outside in the shade, so there’s no work until this time next year, when a planting out spot is required.

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