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Make your own Compost and reduce your waste

Make your own Compost and reduce your waste

The average UK household throws away £470 per year through food waste!

The ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website has lots of useful tips including advice on portion planning and tasty recipes to help you use up odd items of leftover food.   If you still have some food waste after making sure you’re reducing it as much as possible, then you might want to consider getting a compost bin. Garden waste and food waste makes up almost half of all general waste in the UK. Composting is a way to save this going to landfill sites, as well as reducing the need for chemical fertilisers in your own garden –it’s a win-win situation!

Recipe for the perfect compost:
• 50% Green material – grass cuttings, fruit and vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, cut flowers, soft prunings
• 50% Brown Material – newspaper, torn up cardboard, crushed egg shells, kitchen towels, nuts, thorny prunings, autumn leaves
Keep these things out: cooked vegetables, meat and dairy products, dog mess and cat litter.
It takes between nine and twelve months for your compost to become ready for use, so now all you need to do is wait and let nature do the work. Keep on adding greens and browns to top up your compost.

You can buy discounted composting bins at this website: and contact Master Composters at for composting tips!

If you have any unwanted items of food that are not perishable, still in-date and not suitable for compost (e.g. dairy and meat products), you can donate them to your nearest food bank to feed local people in crisis.
Thetford Food Bank: 01842 820825
Swaffham Food bank 01760 725349
Dereham Food bank: 01362 850624

So make sure to avoid food waste as much as possible, and compost it if you do have any.   Throughout September, Breckland Council will be tweeting #wastefreewednesday tips about food on their twitter account @BreckCouncil, so check them out!


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