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Tomatoes another twist!

Tomatoes another twist!

We all know that most tomato plants need their side shoots pinched out, unless they are the bush variety. What perhaps is not so widely known is that these make ideal new plants, and give one the opportunity to extend the growing and harvesting season. Christmas tomatoes anyone? Well to be fair you will need alot of luck and some mild autumnal weather to say the least.

The process is easy just prepare  3 inch pots with a good compost mix, with some extra grit/sand. Cut out the side shoots, probably best when they are four inches long, but this is not a strict rule. Dibble a hole in the compost and insert the plant with a little firming round the base.  Yes, they will look a little sorry for themselves, but this is only temporary, and when the plants starts to freshen you will know that they have taken.

This method gives you an ideal opportunity to stagger your cropping whilst maximizing the space in your greenhouse, (I still have early potted potatoes taking up room) allows you to spread the seeds over more than one year (since the number they now give you is so small, and the price doesn’t get lower!) but better still for those like me want to try new varieties the purchase of one plant can provide all you need. So if you are attending a village fete and plant sale, please bare this in mind.

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