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Norfolk’ households celebrate their harvest of 2012

Norfolk’ households celebrate their harvest of 2012

Sunday in the Chapel at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse was the venue for Norfolk’s Master Gardeners to share harvest celebrations with their mentored households.  What an event!

Wonderful stories of food-growing and friends-making were shared,  amazing examples of growing successes were displayed and melt-in-the mouth cake was consumed. Guests had the opportunity to pot a pea and a bean too; win a pumpkin, chutney, or jam; get up close to worms; and of course tap into our wonderful collective food-growing knowledge.   Master Gardener Paul took up position in the bookshop and interviewed people on their growing highs and lows of 2012 – these wonderful recordings will be available to hear very soon.

Master Gardener Alice gave exciting new ideas for winter windowsill growing – just because winter is coming doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy home-grown food.


  •  All kinds of clean food dishes are suitable – use your imagination! Drainage holes are not necessary, just be careful with watering, and not having holes makes windowsill growing easier.
  • Use culinary peas to avoid risks from chemical seed dressings.
  • Seed does not need to be covered, but you can if you want. Use enough water to make the compost really moist but not sodden, the seed will absorb a lot as it germinates. Cover the containers well to keep in the moisture.  Be adventurous and use shredded paper instead of compost – great and clean for good room windowsills.
  • They need a warm place, the airing cupboard is good. Avoid direct or bright sun. Light is not necessary for germination to begin.
  • 7 days later sprouts will be showing and time to bring containers into the light. Bright light will produce shorter, stronger tasting pea shoots, lower light levels will make for taller sweeter shoots. Avoid hot dry conditions and keep an eye on moisture levels.
  • Enjoy! Shoots ready for use. Nip the tips off and the shoots will resprout. With care you will get many pickings, and starting more pots at fortnightly intervals will ensure plenty of salad interest.

A very special thank you to our Master Gardeners who joined in today’s event and helped celebrate households wonderful growing achievements of 2012.

If you would like to grow your own for 2013 contact us now to speak with your local Master Gardener.

Read some more case studies from across Norfolk.

Master Gardener Paul Young recording households’ growing memories of 2012.


Master Gardener Alice and her winter windowsill plants.


Master Gardener Natalija with the young family she helps mentor – Benjamin (left) with Sebastien.


New growers! From left to Right:
Hannah, Brett, Nigel, Genevieve & Caroline, with young Emily out in front with her freshly potted seeds.

Our venue was the gorgeous Chapel at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse. Huge thanks to Rose, Wendy and their lively team.

Mouth-watering cake, tea, coffee thanks to Marian and ther team at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse. (Cake didn’t last long!)

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  1. The photos are brill – sorry I missed the day it all looked so successful. Well done to all.


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