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Getting the beds dug

Getting the beds dug

Children in gardening clubs at Reepham High and Cawston Primary Schools have begun to dig out new areas for vegetable and fruit growing at their school gardens. I provided some plans and helped the children mark out the beds, incorporating a little geometry to ensure some right angled shapes!

Reepham children have plenty of seedlings on the way and are looking forward to getting these into their new growing bed, once it has been thoroughly worked over and had some manure incorporated.
At Cawston I helped the children to plot out some planting holes for a variety of bush fruits and we mulched these with plastic mulch mats.

The weather was great, with children and staff equally enthusiastic, though one teacher at Reepham was pestered by a persistent honey bee on her way back to the school building- a good job we didn’t choose to locate the veg bed any closer to the hives they have on site!

Pictured – Enthusiastic Cawston pupils, exhausted but exhilarated following their digging and planting session.

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