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To do now…

To do now…

This is the time when anticipation rules. You can imagine all those wonderful crops you’ll be harvesting later in the year – with the seeds still safely in their packets! But now is the time to get them out of their packets and get sowing.  Follow this link to Garden Organic’s cornucopia of tips.

Included there is advice on organic planting methods, including natural pest control.  In our photo, a parasitic wasp is attracted by the chrome yellow umbellieferous flowers of a parsnip.  These insects prey on aphids which spread viruses to your crops via their mouth parts. Aphids are otherwise controlled by squishing – not nearly so effective and always unpleasant – or fatty acid potassium salt soaps, which are considered ‘acceptable, but not for regular use’ according to the Garden Organic’s Organic Guidelines.

What are you sowing right now? Please let us know via the comments.

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  1. Bev Page says:

    We’ve set just about all of ours that we want to grow at school now Gabbie, we have to as want to crop the majority this side of the summer holidays. Beetroot are poking their heads through, rocket is ramping on, peas look happy in their guttering and i’m trying to nurture a load of wildflowers to grow on as plugs and plant into orchard, been enthused by Sarah Ravens tv programme! Nothing into beds yet but all green manures dug in long ago, the crimson clover has been easy but the alfa alfa is refusing to go away! Exciting times!


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