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21 more new Master Gardeners to support Norfolk food-growing

21 more new Master Gardeners to support Norfolk food-growing

Norfolk Master Gardeners has just got bigger, with 21 lovely new community volunteers who participated in a 2-day foundation training course at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse on the 17 & 18 September. 

Two days of shared learning, making new friends, swapping food-growing tips and developing skills to help mentor new households get growing for themselves.  

Day one got off to a rousing start with people introducing their successfully harvested vegetables to one another.  Examples ranged from tomatoes (of every variety) through to Hungarian grazing rye (great green manure). 

After lunch, a tour of Gressenhall gardens was co-hosted by Master Gardeners, Nigel and Kay.  Nigel gave the highlights of the newly designed wildlife garden, whilst Kay explained the planting plans for the Cherry Tree Cottage garden, which represents a typical 1930’s garden, providing for the household’s vegetable and fruit needs throughout the year.  Then a visit to the farm allotment, where the soil quality was discussed whilst dodging the heavy raindrops.

You can visit the gardens and meet Nigel and Kay.  See website for details.

Day two concentrated on horticulture and organic principles for good, healthy food-growing.  Much debate and discussion as gardeners shared their experienced point of view on matters such as “no-dig”, sowing times, companion planting and crop rotation.

You can find guidance on good organic growing practice at

 The Organic guidelines are available to download for free, click here.

 “Thanks for the weekend… It was great to meet everyone and hear about
other people’s gardens and projects, plus learning lots of new organic
hints and tips.” Says Master Gardener, Katy.

Master Gardener Dawn, “I’ve got someone at work who wants to be my first household!” 

Norfolk is now blessed with 60 Master Gardeners across the county, so if you would like free advice and support with your new food-growing journey, then get in touch.

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