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Breckland Master Gardeners discover traditional willow-weaving skills Goosegogs for free! Cold, empty and unproductive!
Breckland Master Gardeners discover traditional willow-weaving skills

Breckland Master Gardeners discover traditional willow-weaving skills

One of the perks of being a Breckland Master Gardener is learning new skills through our seasonal in-service training events.  In the spirit of winter, the latest training day featured a masterclass in traditional Willow Weaving, delivered by Katy Fullilove of the Swaffham ESCAPE project. The event was held at Necton Community Centre, where their […]

Goosegogs for free!

Goosegogs for free!

Too good to be true well let’s throw in redcurrants and blackcurrants, surely there must be a catch somewhere. Who was it that said there was nothing free in this life, and yes I suppose they were right, but here the only catch is a little work and someone else’s generosity in giving you the […]

Cold, empty and unproductive!

Cold, empty and unproductive!

This is the sad lament of many an unheated Greenhouse, tomatoes finished and cleared out. Lots of space but not a lot doing. I could mention the delights of growing lambs lettuce or even late rocket (much mellower flavour and slow to seed) but for the latter, time’s probably run out. So lets be positive […]

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I’ve always been an advocate of lettings things grow to see what they are, or how they develop. Don’t get me wrong, once I know what they are, I am as ruthless a weeder as the next person, but a little curiosity can be a good thing for it occasionally brings about beneficial surprises. In […]

Plants are a growing!

A different way to get an apple tree!


Norfolk Masters get grafting!

On a wet, but thankfully not snowy February morning, Breckland Master Gardeners and Norfolk Master Composters gathered together at The Green Britain Centre, Swaffham. The event marked the celebration of two successful years of Breckland Master Gardeners and the hard work of both Masters schemes in Norfolk. The day started with a cuppa and a […]

Breckland Master Gardeners discover traditional willow-weaving skills

Cold, empty and unproductive!

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Growing and Reminiscence

The great thing about the Master Gardener network is the wide range of people you can help and encourage to grow their own. Most of the Breckland Master Gardeners currently work with schools and families, but we had recently been invited to make a visit to a local care home. Master Gardener Robert ran the […]

Makers Meet-up

Apple Day at Oxburgh Hall